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First camera filter made of high quality 100% optical resin material CR-39 using nano technology. The most neutral camera filters in the market, more scratch resistant, more fingerprint, water and oil resistant, with better UV and IR coating as well as antistatic and antifog coating. The filters are easy to clean, perfectly colour neutral and shock resistant. Scratches do not necessarily affect the performance of the filter because the pigments are not applied only to the surface of the filter as in the case of glass filters, instead, all our filters are bulk tinted. Light scratches are therefore not visible in the captured images. Perfect results are also guaranteed when combining various filters.

BTR GRADUAL ND filters have variable density throughout filter space (soft transition from light to dark followed by medium transition from dark to light). This means that the amount of light coming into the camera is reduced gradually. This is very useful in situations when some parts of the photograph are overexposed (the sky is too bright - especially at sunsets and sunrises). BTR is perfect for rugged horizons.

BTR GRADUAL ND filters can be used in combination with full or graduated filters.