We started to produce big range of ND filters as OEM manufacturer. 2years ago we established a new brand ZERO Camera Filters.During many years of developing we have found a secret method how to make perfect ND filter. Mixure of right substances and materials allows us to produce ND filters with very natural color reproduction and very high stacking-ability. Our portfolio is not limited and we always adjust all parameters to customer needs. Our filters are one of the best on the market, very neutral and stackable with high density filters and also with other brand filters. They meet all physical and optical requirements as accurate density, they do not make any "magenta cast". Resin we use for production is our special optical material casting by ourselfs. Quality control is on the first place in our company!The best indicator about our quality is returning customer.You can also see many great results, impressions and reviews all over the world. Our products are in many cases better than products of our world competitors (resin and glass). Our main goal is to spread our products to photographers all over the world to get better results during photoshooting. Anyway we are a real filters manufacturer - we understand all filter problematics and all of our products are made in Slovakia - Quality guarantee!
Soňa Hevierová - RMCF
Malé Orvište 485
92201 Ostrov
Slovakia, EU

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