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Slovakian producer of very high quality neutral density camera filters

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New type reversed filter BTR

BTR GRADUAL ND filters have various density throughout filter space (soft transition from light to dark then medium transition from dark to light). It means that light incoming to camera is reducing gradually. This is very useful in situations where some of parts of the photography are overexposed (too much bright sky - especially on sunsets and sunrises). BTR is perfect for non-straight horizonts.BTR GRADUAL ND filters are able to use with full or gradual filters in stacking mode. 

Workshop-High Tatras,Slovakia-Filip Hrebenda Photography

Workshop-High Tatras,Slovakia-Filip Hrebenda Photography

Workshop-Dolomity,Italy-Filip Hrebenda Photography

New filters - ZERO Black


First camera filter made of high quality 100% optical resin material CR-39 using nano technology.The most neutral camera filters on the market, more resistant against scratch, used more UV and IR substances, more eliminating of fingerprinting, water and oil resistant,antistatic,antifog. The filters are easily cleaned, absolute black and are resistant to drop impact. After the impact or possible scratch situation the usability of filters is intact and untouchable in particular for one reason:COLOR is not applied only on the surface as seen on glass filters but within the essential material too. There might rise up the risk of getting slight scratches which do not effect filter's performance (unseen at final images). Very best performance is guaranteed by combining of various filters.